Strategies of Interactivity



by Dieter Daniels

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Right off the bat. The first paragraph in this text addresses the issue of viewer engagement/ participation:

Duchamp therefore establishes that in every aesthetic experience, the viewer is assigned a constitutive role and that he »thus adds his contribution to the creative act«…»a work is made entirely by those who look at it or read it and who make it survive by their accolades or even their condemnation.«.

(Marcel Duchamp in his lecture »The Creative Act« from 1957. cf. Duchamp, M. (ed.) Museum Jean Tinguely, Basel, p. 43 (2002)

So this got me thinking– What if the viewers contribution is that of vanity or narcissism?
Is the viewer only interested in engaging in a work if it somehow reflects themselves?
What might the function of technical media be for the participation of the viewer? (his question, not mine)

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