WEMAKEIT Crowdfunding

The Beauty of Philanthropy

Taking the risk by putting this project and its research out there has been quite a daunting task.
Because this project isn’t a conventional one, it has been a challenge having it categorized within the funding sector’s guidelines. Even though there has been a lot of interest in the project and its premise, financially the project needs to move forward.

That is why I’ve turned to Crowdfunding.

Since ‘A Walk In The Park’ is a people’s project, I have turned to the ‘people’ for support. It’s strange for me to virtually ‘panhandle’ even if it’s in a more polished form. But this is how projects are being funded nowadays and I have to roll with the change.

The challenge lies in convincing the public that AWITP has a solid foundation behind it. That it is part of a greater dialogue in arts, arts research, new media and design. That there is a true interdisciplinary collaboration taking place and not one singular perspective.

For many artists, the topic of financial support is gauche or out of their realm. But for me, I understand that projects need support. As long as the funding is from a reliable source, SUPPORT is SUPPORT.

To package and sell this process is something I am not accustomed to, but I have done it.

… and let’s hope for the best.


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